Ideas and questions

My daughter Theresa has lit up something in me.

In an email about the quadrants she observed that she has noticed all of them in her studies at school but that she has never seen them all together in one diagram. That got me thinking about how that is one of the most important things about the quadrants, that is that they tetra-arise and having them arranged like Wilber does points that out.

They all are happening at once in other words each moment can be viewed as having four dimensions to it. This points out that something seemingly happening in one quadrant is actually happening in all four or at least the correlates in the other quadrants have an influence.

Also she inspired me to want to create a list of examples about how having a diagram like the quadrants can be so useful.

Thanks Theresa! :)

Hello world…


My name is Mark Steele and this is my first blog/website.

This site will focus on the Integral Model made popular by Ken Wilber. I first heard of Ken Wilber about 1996 and have read his 20 or so books at least once each. I started the San Diego North County Ken Wilber Meetup group in 2004 and it is still active today.

I intend to use this site to share Integral graphics and maps that will aid the Integral community is applying Integral to well, whatever.

I see a real lack of simple, easy to access graphics and tools that will aid us in using Quadrants, Lines, Levels, States and Types. I want to provide simple templates that you can download and/or print out for on-the-go use of the 4 Quadrants, the 8 Zones, Stages of Development, Line of Development, States of Consciousness and Topographies.

I’m going to use Inkscape to create the graphics. Inkscape uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as the format so these graphics and tools will scale and print cleanly.